Yours truly had a terrific hang-out last Thursday at the Lead Salon hosted by The Osh Gallery and House of Wahala. Was indeed a great session spiced with reflective vibes, dialogue, critics, and everything in-between.
The Salon is a space for artists to share current projects, experiment with new forms, test ideas, ask questions, take risks, push boundaries blah blah blah

Quite trilled, am just a sick fan of this goddess, by Adéola Olagunju ongoing body of work; honestly she has decided to go “spiritual” exploring the relativity of the “figure 8” with infinity?

To kill it all was meeting this coded dude have been craving for so long – Kadara Enyeasi. He is that perfect photographer who uses a lot of digital manipulation and graphic collage grounded on architectural theories in his work. L’ouverture is strictly contemporary dope!

To wrap it was Ayo Akinwande documentary pieces which revolves around beauty, old age and consumerism . . .

Do anticipate the next Salon in July . . .

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