About Us

T’briggs photography is a Nigerian based event, portraiture, lifestyle and conceptual photographic outfit.
Our approach is premised on a creative artistry that defies convention, drawn from a schooled mind to its niceties and dynamics, solely driven by one quest – to capture remarkable, spontaneous and reflective imagery with depth!

Olubela Atilola is the lead photographer, a dynamic, self-taught young photographer with a keen interest in how art and photography interplays, spurred by his artistic inclination since his elementary.
His journey started a few years ago primarily engaging photography as a point of escape, thus creating a wider channel for self-dialogue and creative flexibility.

He firmly believes that photography is a process which he is sold out; body, soul, spirit.
And deems himself as a problem solver whose sole responsibility is to create a powerful visual representation of his client’s brief with an utmost creative appeal employing professional procedures and a thought process applied.

All we do is Frame, Focus and Shoot.
A world of creative abundance.
A Forceful team…..A Forceful drive.